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Adventures in living

I'm a woman, a red head and an aspiring entrepreneur. I live with my love onlyspekkio, three perfect cats, and 50 fish (they're small). I spend my time reading, going to SCA events, and creating jewelry.

I created and maintain anthropologist, pastjewels, webministers, off_balanced, homeschool_ga, fishponds, guppies and lassiter_high. Additionally, I'm a co-maintainer of agnesscott and thereadingroom.

I handcraft jewelry inspired by nature and history. Take a look at My Etsy Shop to see what I do :) Etsy is a website made up entirely of handcrafted goods created by individuals.

My Amazon.com Wish List I have an Amazon Wish List for anyone who's feeling especially benevolent. Care to surprise me? ;)